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About techohub:

About us-

Welcome to ‘ Techohub ’ –a hub for lovers of technology and innovative inventions that are taking place in day to day in this big round Earth. Also any person who knew about new and innovative inventions can also put up their comments. People need to know more and more about the upcoming technologies to keep themselves updated. So, here is a platform where you will remain in touch with latest news and updates regarding technology.


A well said quote:
“Every generation’s breakthroughs are proven false by the next generation’s technology.”

-by DAN BROWN, The Lost Symbol


Technology is one of thing which attracts me and inspires me to think how technologies are made by human’s brain and what is next in this world which is coming out of man’s brain and motivates me to think out of box. Technology is also one of the major reasons why man is able to live comfortably today and can to do so many things which were not even dreamt of in earlier times. techohub is a platform where you will explore more about technology.


Each and every person in today’s world is dependent on technology knowingly or unknowingly.One of the best examples of technology advancement is mobile phones. Most of the persons have their own mobile phones. Even Apple’s iPhone has higher sales than everything Microsoft has to offer. And the shocking fact about mobile phones is that 47% of U.S. Smartphone owners says their Smartphone is something they “couldn’t live without.’’


About admin (Author at Techohub) –

Techohub is made by Muskan uppal, student of 1st year doing B.Tech in CSE from Mody University. Muskan has done her schooling from Sacred Heart Sen. Sec. School, Ludhiana. Having interest in latest and cool technologies she has decided to make this website for readers to get updated. Hope you all will enjoy reading and surfing her website. Also she will be putting amazing and weird facts in her website.  A society in her college motivates her to make her own website and at presents many of the students are taking guidance from Muskan on how to make websites and also she has started her startup in Chandigarh to motivate UG & PG students.